Howdy! Apologies in advance for any inaccurate information since I'm entering some of this from memory.

The larger collections to the right are Escaflowne and Slayers. I don't tend to focus too specifically on any one series. The large list on the right is rather misleading, as most series contain only two or three cels.

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-- Jason

News & Updates

8/21/2004It takes an awful lot for me to actually upload something. My new $30 Canon printer and our background gallery was too irresistable of a combination though. There's one new CCS cel and 4 new pictures of old cels buried in here.
3/15/2004Holy crapnuts, have I really not gotten any cels in over two years? This isn't a real update. Ignore the update thing, I'm too lazy to switch accounts to test features. ^_^ I actually do have cels I've never uploaded, though. I'll probably get around to putting those up sometime this week.
12/14/2001A real update! Some miscellaneous things I've collected over the past 4 months have been uploaded. (See list to right.)
12/12/2001Sorry, but it's a rotten dirty lie. I haven't updated my webpage I was just testing some new features. =)

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Title Last Updated
Bakuretsu Hunters (1) 8/16/2001
Bubblegum Crisis (4) 12/14/2001
Burn Up (3) 12/14/2001
Cardcaptor Sakura (1) 8/21/2004
Hyper Police (1) 8/16/2001
Iria (1) 8/16/2001
Irresponsible Captain Tylor (2) 8/16/2001
Lost Universe (4) 8/18/2001
Maison Ikkoku (3) 11/18/2010
Nadesico (4) 12/14/2001
Record of Lodoss War (4) 8/16/2001
Rubberslug Debug Images (2) 1/10/2016
Rurouni Kenshin (2) 8/16/2001
Serial Experiments Lain (3) 12/14/2001
Slayers (7) 8/16/2001
Trigun (2) 8/16/2001
Vision of Escaflowne (6) 8/16/2001

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